Longhorn Family

We created the Mead Longhorns because we love of the game of baseball, Plain and simple. Everyone involved with this organization loves the game of baseball, and we all want to give our kids the opportunity to achieve the highest level in the game. We have a lot of work to do, and a long way to go before we achieve the elusive title “ELITE”. But we are having a great time on the journey, instilling that same love for the game of baseball in the next generation of coaches and ballplayers along the way.


This baseball club requires a lot of hard work, outside support and sponsorship to operate. We are lucky to have behind us a great group of people to help make it all happen. It is important when working in a pure volunteer sporting organization to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. We are working hard to create a work equals rewards mindset among our players. So we will be utilizing the Academy of Baseball’s baseball leveling and points system to decide play time and lineups. All decisions will be based on work ethic, performance, and teammate points. These points will be awarded for everything from being on time, to helping pick up after practice, to completing drills correctly. This leads to a fun environment as we turn all the drills into games. But also, it creates a level of friendly competition among teammates that accelerates their skills development profoundly. They basically forget that they are training and working hard. They’re just having fun playing games that make them better with a bunch of close friends. This is great for team and relationship building. It’s also very good for the whole organization as it creates total transparency in the play time process.

Those who work hard and put the team first will always be rewarded.