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Today the new website is ready! It’s exciting for us coaches, as we will be able to expand our coaching method to include on-line courses. This will be an excellent way to learn many aspects of the game. It will become indispensable in the teaching of coverage assignments, plays that we will run, and general positional responsibilities. It will also be a great tool for delivering video lessons and mechanical analysis of our players.

The website also has an event calendar that will list all of our practices and tournament events.

There are a couple of courses already added to the system. If things work out well, I will start adding the positional courses.

I have also added a team store to the page that has some great tee shirts, hats, and hoodies… We need to get an order together as soon as possible so that we can have our team support gear in time for the first few tournaments…

Update – You can now pay your tournament fee’s through the website using PayPal.

Check Out The Store

Mead Longhorns  flatbill orange hat  longhorns-hoodie

champions  new logo orange tee  grey teeshirt

standard orange tee

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